Who we are

We are Hollingsworth International, a leading international trading and distribution company

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Hollingsworth International LLC is dedicated to partnering with companies for success in international markets.

Meet The Founder


  • Dick Bottorff
    Dick has 30+ years of leadership experience in international business.  His experience spans small, medium, and large corporations, in a variety of general management and business development roles.  He has extensive experience in foreign start-ups, exporting, implementing growth strategies, and in distribution management.  Dick has experience in a variety of industries, including: Information Technology and Security, Government Services, and Telecommunications.   He holds a Masters degree in Finance from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, from the University of Illinois.   Dick is multilingual and speaks English, Spanish, and German.

Hollingsworth associates are the right people, with the right expertise, and the right experience to partner with our clients to grow their international business.

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