At Hollingsworth International, we organize our project teams for the maximum benefit of our clients, over the long term. Our associates team with our clients to achieve their international management and project objectives. We strive to bring the very best, and most appropriate, experienced professionals to every client engagement.

Subject Matter Experts

Experienced, seasoned professionals, with decades of subject matter expertise in their field occupy roles on every project team.


Multi-industry experience, with a fresh perspective, in-country experience and cultural understanding are important attributes of our associates.


We supplement our clients ability to succeed with their international goals by adding startup, growth, or restructuring experts.

Client Involvement

We recommend client involvement in the project teams, not merely in the objective-setting, but also in the project. By doing so, our clients build an experience base for the company for long-term success well after the project work has concluded. This provides the best chance for long term continuity.

Sales and Marketing

Experienced in growth and expansion, goal-setting, strategies, and tactics for success internationally.


Experience in cost control, restructuring, M&A (mergers and acquisitions), strategic alternatives and other finance activity internationally.


Experienced in best practices for day-to-day operations management, performance measurement, operational goals, reporting, and performance improvement strategies and tactics.

Information Technology

Experienced in IT design, architecture, development, deployment, and outsourcing internationally.

Project Management

Using structured project management methodologies, experienced project managers, and joint teams with our clients, Hollingsworth International leverages the external client expertise and delivers to the project objectives, scope, and requirements.

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