Services Overview

Bandwidth, Experience, Expertise

Hollingsworth International’s work helps companies in many industries achieve their objectives.  Our services fall into three broad categories:

  • export management
  • foreign market expansion
  • distribution

  • Export Management

    We trade globally in support of our manufacturing clients. We conduct research, partner search, and handle all aspects of export transactions. Our staff are experienced in market research, competitor research, foreign business practices, distributor search, contracting, and regulatory affairs.

  • Foreign Market Expansion

    We assist companies to evaluate and implement effective growth strategies to meet international objectives such as sales strategies for growth, proposal activity, operational expansion, market strategy and tactics, import growth, distributor strategy and tactics, export growth.

  • Distribution

    We work to establish effective distribution channels for our partners’ products, assist in improving sales performance, and extend the reach of the distribution network. We seek to add superior products to our portfolio for promotion through our distribution network.

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